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A warm welcome to our Laurel Bank site in Shaw, which offers a range of services for children and young people who cannot attend mainstream settings ordinarily as a result of medical needs. The Laurel Bank site comprises the Specialist Learning Centre (SLC), Home Tuition, and Laurel Gardens. 

Our objective at Laurel Bank is to inspire every child to reach their full potential. One of our primary goals is to support children in developing self-esteem, resilience, and confidence, thereby preparing our pupils for life beyond Laurel Bank. This includes facilitating their reintegration into mainstream education, transitioning to specialist provision, or pursuing post-16 destinations.

The Specialist Learning Centre (SLC) offers short-term placements on-site for children of secondary school age (Key stages 3 and 4) who are unable to attend mainstream education on a short-term basis due to medical needs.
At the SLC, every pupil is offered a fresh start and is embraced within our positive community. Our highly trained staff cultivate a calm and inclusive environment where pupils feel secure and empowered to achieve.
The SLC delivers short-term therapeutic educational provision, facilitating their attainment of qualifications and supporting their transition into post-16 provision. Our curriculum encompasses academic subjects and enrichment activities. Through quality first teaching, small group sizes, and the expertise of our qualified staff, we collaborate with parents, children, and external professionals to ensure tailored support is provided for each child, reviewed on a six-weekly cycle.


The Hospital and Home Tuition Service offers short-term placements for children of primary and secondary school age (Key stages 1, 2, 3, and 4) who must be educated in their homes and/or places of care due to their medical needs.
Our bespoke pupil-centred Math and English tuition is meticulously adapted to meet the unique needs of each child, reviewed daily. The flexible timetable allows children to access education according to their health constraints.

We strongly believe that effective communication and collaboration are pivotal in addressing pupils' needs. Parents/carers and external agencies are integral in decision-making and planning, resulting in tangible impact and progress in pupil development.

The Specialist Learning Centre and Hospital and Home Tuition Service can be accessed through referral by schools to Oldham Council via

Laurel Gardens is a small on site provision for children and young people of secondary school age (Key stages 3 and 4) who have an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) that details the following needs:

•    A history of Emotionally Based School Avoidance (EBSA)
•    Social communication difficulties
•    Anxiety

Central to devising a tailored timetable focusing on social and emotional development, mental health well-being, and academic progression. Our SEN-prescribed support measures, evident in the classroom, break down learning barriers, ensuring every child has the opportunity to progress and experience success.
With small class sizes and a curriculum offering enrichment activities alongside academics, we prioritise social and emotional support, behavior modification, engagement, and raising aspirations. These pillars are integral to our curriculum, running parallel to and holding equal importance with our academic curriculum.

Head of School

Mrs S Qureshi

Kershaw Street



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