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Kingsland School is committed to providing an inclusive 21st Century education that promotes the academic, emotional and social development of our students. 
The school offers a comprehensive, responsive and flexible service for students and their families. This  involves diagnosis of need and bespoke quality assured services to support the academic, social, emotional and physical development of the young person.


Our aim is to create a holistic, nurturing and inspiring environment where students are supported and encouraged to take charge of their lives, their learning and their decisions. 
Every student will have an understanding of their personal journey, challenges and future opportunities. All will be encouraged to become independent thinkers and learn to value and respect others thus enabling them to meet the challenges of the wider world.
In partnership  with parents, carers  schools and  outside  agencies Kingsland  school  provides  students and  staff  with a  positive and  supportive   learning experience.


At Kingsland School we strive to ensure that our pupils, staff, parents/carers and visitors feel welcomed as soon as they enter our school community.
We are committed to ensuring that our pupils develop to their maximum potential in a calm, purposeful and nurturing environment academically, socially and emotionally so that they are prepared to take their place in modern British society and become positive and productive citizens.


  • We Value Safety; we care for each other and promote a caring environment.

  • We Value Success, in all forms; academically, socially and emotionally.

  • We Value Belonging; we work together to create a strong sense of belonging to the school community.

  • We Value Communication; all forms of behaviour are a means of communication.

  • We Value Independence and Diversity; we celebrate each other as unique individuals with rights and responsibilities to become independent members of society.

  • We Value Health and & Emotional Wellbeing; we provide a supportive approach to all pupils who attend Kingsland School.

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