Our Curriculum Rationale

At Kingsland School we believe in advantage over disadvantage and have designed a curriculum to meet the needs and aspirations of all our young people, their parents/carers and the local community. Our primary function is to re-engage our children so they feel ready and able to progress with their learning. We aim to do this through a supportive, caring, safe and trusting learning environment where each child feels they can reach their full potential.

The curriculum offers a broad spectrum of knowledge and skills through subjects that can be tailored to support the development of our pupils.  Kingsland School therefore aims to balance the teaching of national Curriculum subjects with other work to support young people in their personal, social and emotional development.

Our curriculum recognises the importance of developing literacy/numeracy across the school, as without these skills we believe our pupils will struggle to access the education they deserve and will be at a disadvantage once they reach adulthood. 

Our curriculum is designed to enable our pupils to successfully re-integrate back into mainstream education and/or allow them to progress onto their chosen further education or employment pathway.

Provision at KS3

At key stage 3, classes are organised reflective of a primary model where the class teacher teaches all subjects based on a blended curriculum. This is delivered through a story-based topic that draws in all elements of the KS3 national curriculum using cross-curricular links.  

The blended curriculum includes:
•    Mathematics 
•    English 
•    Science 
•    Religious Education
•    PSHE 
•    Physical Education
•    Art & Design
•    Emotional Wellbeing 
•    Humanities 
•    I.C.T
•    Performing Arts

Consistency and positive relationships between staff and pupils are essential to enable a positive and happy learning environment. 

Provision at KS4

At KS4 pupils have the opportunity to gain accreditation matched to ability when appropriate and available through a selection of core and optional subjects. This is where we are able to support those pupils who may have prior learning and those who may return to mainstream school. Kingsland School aims to prepare pupils for the opportunities, responsibilities and the experience of adult life. Pupils are encouraged to acquire and develop key skills and knowledge to equip them for current and future roles in the wider community.

Core curriculum offer;
•    English
•    Maths
•    Science
•    RSE
•    Sport
•    PSHE
•    Preparation for Working Life
•    First Aid
•    Religious Education

Additional Subjects;
•    Food Technology (BTEC)
•    Art & Design (GCSE, NCFE)
•    Health & Social Care (NCFE)
•    Duke of Edinburgh Award
•    Outdoor Pursuits (NICASS, RYA Level 1)
•    Duke of Edinburgh Award

Intervention offer

We offer accurate testing of reading, spelling, writing and numeracy for all pupils on arrival to Kingsland School. In addition to this pupils complete a Pass (Pupils attitude to self and school) assessment. 

We offer a range of Interventions;
•    Targeted literacy and numeracy to help reduce/close the gap.  
•    Narrative Therapy
•    Counselling
•    Lego Therapy
•    Think Bricks
•    IDL – Literacy/Numeracy
•    Right Angle Project (Private 1-1 tuition and counselling)
•    Home Tuition
•    Hand Writing
•    Emotional Support
•    EAL support

Quality Standards

•    Re-intergration to mainstream school, special school or post 16 education or training.
•    Improved attendance
•    Improved engagement
•    Improved attainment
•    Improved behaviour 
•    Development of social Skills
•    Develop an understanding of the working world.