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Bounce Forward Raising Resilience (See above flyer) 

Session 1: Optimism during uncertainty

This session explores the link between what we think, how we feel, and how we behave. Flexible and realistic thinking lies at the heart of resilience: it enables us to do the ‘right’ thing at the right time, so we achieve the best possible outcome.


Session 2: Developing the mental muscle

Helping children gain more control over how they feel and behave. Reframing unhelpful choices, and developing empathy for self and others so they can navigate uncertainty and learn to fail well.


Session 3: Compassionate communication

Effective communication is essential as our children move into adolescence. We can find ourselves in cycles of nagging and bickering and focusing on the ‘big’ conversations, and with it, we become disconnected. Resilience and compassion are the keys to staying connected.


Session 4: Mindsets and Energy

Nurturing and developing a growth mindset in our children. Understanding the psychological link between energy, emotions and behaviour.


Session 5: Parenting to strengths

Identifying the unique strengths of children and ourselves – and how to use them to best effect.

What Parents Say About This Course 

“There’s a wealth of knowledge and I find it so valuable that you are offering this service at this difficult time. I am inspired by how passionate you are about your work.”


“I absolutely loved this morning and have kept hearing ‘doing or being’ in my head all day! Signed up for the test already and can’t wait.”


“So useful to have tangible, written down, step by step guidelines to follow!”


“Thanks so much – I really enjoyed that session and have signed up for the rest. This is definitely a great positive to come out of a negative situation! Thanks for offering this first one for free and the rest at such a low cost. I’m sure you’ll be helping many parents.”


100% of parents rate the usefulness of this course 10/10

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