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Kingsland School Uniform

To view the school uniform policy, refer to the polices page found here.

  • Black sweatshirt or black v-neck jumper.

  • White cotton shirt.

  • Black tailored trousers – boys and girls. Please note leggings/jeggings/jean style trousers will not be permitted.

  • Black knee length vertical pleated skirt, or knee length flared a-line skirt. Please note that tube/pencil/ra-ra skirts are not acceptable.

  • Each pupil is provided with a Kingsland school tie free of charge. If this tie is misplaced then parents will be charged for a replacement tie (£6). Ties are handed in to the school staff at the end of each day, and returned to pupils upon their arrival the following morning.

All of the above with the exception of the school tie can be purchased at Asda, Tesco, Sainsbury’s or M&S uniform departments.

PE Kit:

  • Plain black, navy blue or white tee shirt.

  • Plain black, navy blue or grey joggers.

  • Plain black, navy blue or grey shorts.

  • Black training shoes. 

  • Only small logos/brands can be visible on any item of the PE kit.

Please be aware that pupils must wear all black footwear, either black shoes or black trainers as part of their uniform.

The following are not permitted in school:

  • E-cigarettes and vape pens.

  • Extreme hair styles and colours (un-natural).

  • Make up should not be worn for school and pupils will be expected to remove it.

  • False nails.

  • Nails varnish.

  • False eyelashes.

  • Jewellery, with the exception of a small pair of ear studs and a wrist watch. Smartwatches are not permitted. Pupils will be expected to hand in smartwatches with their phones.

  • Facial piercings, inc.nose, eyebrows, tongue etc must be removed and replaced with clear plastic studs (no hoops).

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