Kingsland School is now closed for pupils except children of critical workers and vulnerable children whose parents/carers have made arrangements for them to attend.
Should you need to speak to a member of staff, please telephone the school on 0161 770 3185 or alternatively call 07496 601238 or 07376 341197. 

During closure, we have identified the following educational websites, which can be utilised until further notice:

BBC Bitesize

Khan Academy


Maths is fun

Welcome to the Website of Kingsland School. We hope that the information provided gives you an insight into the work of our school and the values and vision that underpins our work.

We cater for pupils aged 11-16, aiming wherever possible for successful reintegration to a new mainstream school or accreditation leading to pathways into further education, work based learning, apprenticeship or the world of work at the end of Year 11.


We provide the following:

  • 6th day provision to pupils permanently excluded from Oldham Secondary Schools and Academies. 

  • Up to 25 hours educational placements and a minimum 5 hours home tuition for pupils whose social, emotional or mental health needs create a barrier to their attendance at school.  

  • Full time placements for out of borough 'difficult transfer' pupils, for example pupils who have previously attended a  Pupil Referral Unit in another Local Authority. 

  • Re-integration support to pupils returning to a new mainstream school.

  • Permanently Excluded Pupils undergoing statutory assessment. 

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